Saturday, September 6, 2014

Two Trains

New Entries

Today I will show some stamps from Canada and France.. 


a stamp with some rust spots and average condition.. it is a stamp from 1908 ; the stamp represents two personalities of great importance in Canada's history : Samuel De Champlain (French Explorer and Colonizer) and Jacques Cartier .

1908 "III Centenary of Quebec" (8) [Perf 12][Des (José Antonio Machado)][Engr (Robert Savage)][Recess][American Bank Note Company, Ottawa] Sc(97)

stamp from a 1938 series , representing Landscapes and historical buildings of Canadá..In this case , we have the Fort Garry Gate, Winnipeg..

1938 "Pictorial Issue" (5) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (William Jung (picture) Carrol Maybie (frame) Charles Kirsten (labels) Charles Lockmuller (labels))][Recess][Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited] Sc(243)

I have already presented some more stamps of George VI that were from this same series ..
The stamp (very beautiful..!) represents the Parliament Building with a British waving Flag above it , reminding us that this is a stamp of the famous "War Issue" from 1942/1943..

1942/1943 "War Issue" (14) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(257)

There was some indecision about showing or not the 1$ stamp.. as you can see it is severely 'damaged' by a post mark .. but in the end i decided to present it because he is also a new stamp in my collection..
the stamps represent : 1st) Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories 2nd) Agricultural Work in the Canadian Prairies 3rd) a Ferry at Prince Edward Island.. [Video]  

1946 "Peace Issue" (6) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(269,271,273)

[Left] stamp representing the ship "Matthew" known to be commanded by John Cabot, discover of NewFoundLand..
1949 "Entry of Newfoundland into Canadian Confederation" (1) [Perf 12][[Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(282)

[Right] painting by Charles William Jefferys representing the first days of Halifax...
1949 "II Centenary of Halifax" (1) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(283)

[Left] the picture represents the Fur drying process. 
1950 "Canada's Fur Resources" (1) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(301)

[Right] two trains from 1851 and 1951 are represented..(Great stamp..!!)
1951 "Centennial of British North American Postal Administration" (4) [Perf 12][Des (Herman Herbert Schwartz)][Engr (Silas Robert Allen)][Recess][CBNC,Limited] Sc(311)

I just want to make a small comment about these Canadian Stamps...As you saw until now, I have shown 10 stamps in this post, from 1908 to 1951 and they all have the same perforation, no wmk's, no hidden secret's, and they are common , but I'm very glad to have them in my collection... Beautiful stamps make me Happy..!


These are all stamps from the definitive series "Type Paix" from 1932/1941... actually, the series is issued in 6 different occasions.. 
1) 1932/1933 (11) 
2) 1934 (1) Surcharged
3) 1937 (1) Surcharged
4) 1937/1939 (9) 
5) 1940/1941 (8) Surcharged

The first two stamps , representing the 30c value , are the original (green or deep green 2nd stamp) and a color variation (yellowish green 1st stamp)

 The 40c stamp could be from two types (I and II).. this is actually from type I.. as you can see by the small picture at the Upper left ,    the small central line that unites with the big vertical line of the letter R , is thinner than all the other lines of the letter...  of course in type II  , all lines are of equal thickness.. (Down Left)[i used another stamp from a different value...)

The 50c stamp has 4 different variations depending on the small 'C' letter from the currency label and on the robe of the figure ( about the robe , I must say that it only interest us the lines that are born below the belt buckle - and only in that space - )

 As you can see Type I) has a normal small C and in the belt buckle You can see that two distinct lines are 'born'..

In this type IIA) we have a different C letter , with a small ball in the upper end, and the robe is the same as in type I

 In the Type IIB)we have the same as in IIA) with another distinctive mark.. the inferior frame line is thicker below the space between the words 'Republique' and 'Française'..

Now we have Type III) that has a normal C and in the buckle 3 lines are 'born'.. the right one is divided...

I cannot document Type IV) , because I don't have any stamp of this type.. but I can say that it is all like Type III) except the detail of the right line ... it is not divided and it turns gradually to the center...

The two 50c stamps I've got here are the 1st a type III and the 2nd a type I).. you can see now the number of possibilities of conjugation of the three factors at 'play' in this stamp... a specialized collector could have several distinct stamps of the same facial value , but all of them variations of the original...! ( for example, these two stamps I show today are a type III with the detail of the inferior frame , and a type I also with the same detail... well , these are only details..!! let's move on!...)

nothing to say about the 80c and 90c , but when We arrive at the 1F stamp, there are two possibilities :

the belt is again the main factor of differentiation between the two types..

In the 1st ( at left) we have a black belt and in the 2nd (at right) we have a black belt with parts in white...( I used images from the two 1F stamps I show today , and the orange is Type I and the Rose Lilac is Type II)

Before ending this post , I need to say that two 65c ultramarine blue stamps are present only due to color variations (different color tone's...);
the 1.25F surcharged with 50c is a stamp issued in 1934...
The 1932/1933 issue end's with the 1.75F stamp..
The others after 1.75F , with exception of the surcharged , are from the 1937/1939 issue.
I will only present now the data from the original issue (that remains unaltered...) and all the Sc codes of the stamps presented in the order they appear in the images..

1932/1941 "Type Paix" () [Perf: 14 x 13.5][Des (Paul-Albert Laurens)][Engr (Antonin Delzers)][Typo] Sc(264(2),265,267(2),270,274,277,283,271(2),273,278,299)



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