Monday, November 24, 2014

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I must start this post by telling that my attention is divided lately , between my two stamp blogs.. this one and the new one... Unfortunately, I think the new one will get most of my attention in the future... This is something that I say not without some sadness , because this is a project I like very much and classifying stamps is for me one of the best activities life as to offer.. (this is not a joke...) ... but the new project I have started in July is much more rewarding , because it involves many other things I also like very much , like studying someone's life , digging in the past, searching in old archives and finding ways to discover people that do not want to be discovered... it is a project that offer's me (like this one, also...) a life time of fun and at the same time the possibility of doing something useful that has not yet the attention it deserves.. so I think something must be done to keep this blog active...the answer I get from myself is that I must make smaller posts, with just one or two groups of stamps and continue the rate of posts I have in the last weeks (it has diminished, if you look to the beginning of the blog...) .. I think 1 post for week it will be alright and this way I will not need 2 days at least to classify stamps and prepare the post....(perhaps a day will last for this Blog format...)

I was preparing some Colombia stamps for this next post , but it should be much larger.. I will make it with just stamps of two group of series...

This is a group of Postal Tax stamps Series.. the time frame involved goes from 1939 to 1950.. These stamps were obligatory in every kind of mail , and the tax was for the construction of the Communications and Postal Buildings ...
1) 1939/1945 "Communications Building" (7) [Litho (Litografia Nacional, Bogotá)] Sc(RA3,RA3a,RA4,RA5,RA5a)
2) 1940 "Communications Building" (5) [Recess (De La Rue Co Ltd, London)] Sc(RA8,...,RA11)
3)4) 1945/1948 "Communications Building" (8) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(RA19,...,RA25)
        1947 "Communications Building" (1) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(RA33)
5) 1948/1950 "Communications Building" (5) [Recess (ABNC)] (RA41,...,RA45)
I cannot find the correct code for the last stamp(20c Brown)...

from the 2nd to the 5th images , we have stamps of very small (15,25) dimension ..the stamps from the 1st image don't have Wmk and all the others have...

This second series represents some monuments or key Views of Colombia... there are 4 different designs .. the 1st represents a Pre-Colombian monument, the 2nd the El Dorado symbol and the others , a Spanish Fortress in Cartagena and a view of the Colonial Bogotá.

There are 3 different series with these designs , the 1st issued in 1941, the 2nd in 1948 and the 3rd in 1952...

 2)3)5)10) 1941 "Views and Monuments of Colombia (Air Mail)" (13) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(C122,C123,C124,C128) 
4)6)8) 1948 "Views and Monuments (Air Mail)" (13) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(C153,C154,C155)
1)7)9) 1952 "Views and Monuments (Air Mail)" (9) [Recess (ABNC)] Sc(C217,C220,C225)

I know this is a small post with few points of interest , but it is what I can arrange for the future , less stamps will be shown, just one or two series... it has to be this way to keep the blog running.. I'll keep buying stamps, whenever I can (I have earned some money from an occasional job and I received two days ago a large lot of India and Pakistan stamps ... Great Lot!!..I finally bought something!!!!)


P.S) The Island of Fogo Volcano (Cape Verde) has just erupted today.. you are welcome to visit this Facebook link and be updated..

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