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First I want to say that in this post I will make some experiments with the new Scanner... the scans could not be the best, because I have to try different resolutions and first I need to understand the way of correctly working with this new device...

I have selected some stamps from Hungary ,Romania and Danzig...

I choose to present today some very famous designs from Hungary... some are normal definitive stamps and others are overprinted stamps...

These are stamps from the King Charles IV and Queen Zita  Series...the Queen's design is without doubts one of my favorite portraits..all the stamp, frames included , is very well accomplished.. the designs are work of  Imre Foldes (1881/1948) , an important  Graphic Designer that distinguished himself in the creation of Poster's and illustration of books...
These and other stamps I will present , are from a lot I bought some time ago and sometimes they present rust spots .. this is not a great problem for me , but it decrease the value of the stamps (not this one's , of course, because they don't value nothing..!)... the 20f stamp is missing...
1918 "King Charles IV and Queen Zita" (6) [Des (Imre Foldes)][Typo] Sc(127,128,130,131,132)

These are stamps from the first series where this famous design of Odon Tull appeared.. the series is complete and is commonly known as "Harvesting Wheat"..the design is repeated in future series until 1923 (the series was issued in 1916 , already after the Death of the Artist, in 1911..) This small series is different from the others because the numerals appear in white color...there are other series with numerals in the main color of the stamp, or in black..)
1916 "Harvesting Wheat" (2) [Des (Odon Tull)][Typo] Sc(106,107)

These are some of the most famous stamps from Hungary, with the beautiful design of the Parliament building...there are several series with this design , normal and overprinted... the design started to be issued in 1916 and the Country label was altered with the changes in the Political first , in the 1916/1918 series we have something we can call the "Monarchic" label 'Magyar Kir. Posta'... then in the 1919/1920 the label was simply 'Magyar Posta' as we enter a very small  Republican period, because in the next issue of 1920/1924 we already have again the label 'Magyar Kir. Posta'...some changes in the small square where the currency label appears... we must  always have a look to the existence or not of double frame in the square, to the square's background color and to the color of the label itself.. this aspects could change with each new issue... I will not enter in further considerations about these and other aspects (watermarks, etc..) , that only were interesting in a post dedicated to this series only...
1916/1918 "Parliament Building" (19) [Des (Vilmos Brandmayer)][Typo] Sc(119,120,121,123,125,126)

Now I have some Overprinted stamps...

As in many other Countries, during the transition from a monarchic System to a Republican one , an Overprint  "Republic" is used to give time to the issue of new Republican stamps, and to allow the Postal Services to end the stock of  Monarchic stamps in circulation...these are two series with that Overprint ("Koztarsasag" ).. the first series is the one presented above, with King Charles  and Queen Zita, and the other , a beautiful War Charity Series ( shown in other previous post...) 1918 "Overprint 'Republic' on 'King Charles IV and Queen Zita'" (6) [Des (Imre Foldes)][Typo]  Sc(168,169,170,171,173)
1918 "War Charity" (3) [Des (Jeno Haranghy)(J. Diveky)][Typo] Sc(B58,...,B60)


I will show some AIR MAIL stamps from Danzig, representative of the several series issued ...

stamps from the 2nd and 3rd Air Mail series... the first series (I don't present any stamp of this series..) doesn't have a particular design, it is assembled by previous stamps Surcharged and overprinted with Air motifs...the 2nd series has stamps with 2 of the different formats shown above... the Wmk is a also a key factor in the classification...(in this 2nd series the Wmk is known as 'Honeycomb' and is vertically oriented..).. the 3rd series presents us the 3 different formats and the wmk is similar ( not equal..) but horizontally oriented..other aspect I should highlight is that the small formats have always perforation 14 and the medium and large formats present a 13.5 perforation...

now the stamps shown above...1st Group] 1)2) two different shades of blue Green from the 2nd series Sc(C4,C4) ..3)4) two identical stamps from the 3rd series Sc(C14,C14)  2nd Group] 1)2) 3rd series Sc(C16,C17) 3rd Group] 1)2) 3rd series Sc(C18,C19)
1921/1922 "Airplane over Danzig" (6) [Des (Max Buchholz)][Typo]
1923 "Airplane over Danzig" (12) [Des (Max Buchholz)][Typo] 

Danzig stamps designed by Max Buchholz 

These are stamps from the next Air Mail series to be issued, in 1923..the 250000m  is missing in this 2 stamps series..
1923 "Post horn and Airplane" (2) [Typo] Sc(C23)

two stamps are missing in this 1924 series...the higher value of this series ( that is missing) is from a larger format... I don't have proofs that the last series and this one are also work of Max Buchholz , but  the general traces of his design at this time are here...two spare stamps are also presented, with some light differences in color...
1924 "Airplane over Danzig" (5) [Typo] Sc(C27,...,C29)

1935 "Airplane" (5) [Typo] Sc(C36,...,C39)

To finish this small part of the post dedicated to Danzig stamps, here it is a complete series of the Anti Cancer Campaign, with pictures of Medical Scientists... the Scientists represented are : 1) Gregor Mendel 2) Robert Koch 3) Wilhelm Konrad Runtgen
1939 "Anti Cancer Campaign" (3) [Photo] Sc(238,239,240)


stamps from a series honoring King Ferdinand... it is another one of the many series designed by Ludovic Bassarab , one of the Greatest Romanian stamp Designers... there is one value missing, this time the lowest ..sometimes it is hard to understand what is the reference point chosen by the catalogs to give the color attribute to a stamp... this is really a problem because two different catalogs give sometimes two different colors to the same stamp... the references could be the portrait backgrounds, the numeral backgrounds, the numeral itself, the frame lines, etc.. it is important to understand in each series what is the reference point  used by the catalog we are using... [ I think this should be a minor problem to the most part of you , but I work with many catalogs and the differences between them alerted me for it's existence...]
1926 "60th Birthday of King Ferdinand" (10) [Des (Ludovic Bassarab)][Photo (A. Bruckmann, Munich)] Sc(291,...,300)

1941 "Red Cross Fund" (5) [Photo] Sc(B164,...,B168)

OK..this is the end of the post... I am currently thinking in some changes in the frequency and size of the posts... perhaps in the following weeks some news will be available..


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