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Today I have some stamps from Cape Verde Islands and Mexico...

I lived for seven years in the Cape Verde Island of Sal..My parents both worked there and I have some good memories of the Island and above all , of the good people  that always welcomed us.. so, it is not strange that I recently bought a small lot of Classic Cape Verde stamps.. there are more stamps in this lot , but I will not show them today... Many more are already in the collection, and so they cannot be shown here in the blog.. If you find it , please buy the beautiful 1948 "Cape Verde Landscapes" series...

This is a small mix of different series ... first I wish to say that the classification of these classical Cape Verde stamps is relatively easy , if we compare it with the same designs , but issued in Portugal, where there are many different papers to consider ... with these stamps you must pay attention mainly to the perforation... 
1) this is a stamp of the "Crown type" series.. there are two series with this design , and the 2nd present us new values and colors, so there isn't much confusion... each of the series have two possible perforations (12.5 and 13.5) and the stamps are printed in flat, thin or medium paper...
1877 "Crown type" (9) [Des/Engr (Augusto Fernando Gerard)][Typo (Casa da Moeda, Lisbon)] Sc(3)
2) 3) These are stamps representing King D. Luis I...the stamps are [Typo] printed and present us the characteristic 'embossed portrait' of the early series of Portuguese stamps...the series has also two possible perforations (again 12.5 and 13.5) and porcelain paper, medium or tick is used ...
1886 "King D. Luis I" (9) [Des/Engr (Frederico Augusto de Campos)][Typo / Embossed (Casa da Moeda, Lisbon)] Sc(19,21)
4) 1893 "Newspaper stamp" (1) [Des/Engr (Eudócio Cesar Azedo Gneco)][Typo (Casa da Moeda, Lisbon)] Sc(P1)

Now we have two series sharing the same design of king D. Carlos I ... it is a beautiful design by Eugene Mouchon.. it is by many considered one of the most accomplished Portuguese stamps of those days...1) these first group of 3 stamps is from the original series... it  present us the two 5r shades (orange/1st and Yellow orange/2nd) and the blue 50r.. the stamps have perforation 11.5..
1898 "King D. Carlos I" (15) [Des/Engr (Eugene Mouchon)][Typo (Casa da moeda, Lisbon)] Sc(37,37,44)
2) After the implementation of the Republic in 1910, a overprint "Republic" was applied to the original stamp, and new stamps were issued in 1911.. here are presented some beautiful items like the 115r Orange brown on Rose.. 
1911 "Overprint 'Republic' on 1898 King D. Carlos I" (15) [Des/Engr (Eugene Mouchon)][Typo (Casa da Moeda, Lisbon)] Sc(85,94,95,98,99)

These two small group have overprints and surcharges on stamps of the first D. Carlos I series issued in 1893 ( the Mouchon Series of King D. Carlos I was the 2nd series , issued in 1898)...The original stamps of 1893 were surcharged in 1902 and overprinted 'Republica' in 1915 [ 1st Group ] ... after this , they were again surcharged in cents (the first surcharge was still in the Monarchic currency 'Reis' ) in 1922 [2nd Group ]...
1)2)3) 1915 Overprint 'Republica' on '1902 Surcharged '1893 King D. Carlos I'' (6) [Des/Engr (Manuel Diogo Neto)][Typo] Sc(189,190,192)
4)5)6) 1922 Surcharge in Cents over ' 1915 Overprint 'Republica' on '1902 Surcharged '1893 King D. Carlos I'' (4) [Des/Engr (Manuel Diogo Neto)][Typo] Sc(202,203,204)

Group of 4 king D. Manuel II stamps overprinted 'Republica' ... 
1912 "Overprint 'Republica' on King D. Manuel II " (12) [Des (Domingos Alves do Rego)][Typo] Sc(100,107,110,111)

I have already done 2 or 3 posts with Mexico stamps.. the stamps were mainly from the classic period, highly recommendable because of the many interesting features present.. overprints, surcharges, papers, etc.. now i have same stamps the 30's and others from the 70's,80's and 90's.. Let us start by talking about the great Mexican Air Mail series from the 30's.. very beautiful designs sometimes linked to the great past of Mexico (with it's AZTECS  heritage..).. the most part of these series are [Recess] printed, what make's me very happy.. unfortunately I don't know yet the names of the designers, but i think that with time everything will 'come out to the light'...! 

This is one of the first Air Mail stamps from Mexico... in 1922 this same design was issued with two different colors[Blue and Red Brown (C1) and dark blue & claret (C1a)] and without wmk...later , in 1927, this stamp was issued , and it is again the Dark blue 6 claret variety, but with Watermark.. this 2nd issue of the same design has a very small cv , but the 1922 series has higher cv's...
The same design is again used in the next issue of 1928 with two more stamps of 25c with different colors( one of them presented before...)
1927 "AIR MAIL" (2) [Recess][Wmk] Sc(C2a)

This is another Air Mail series from 1934/ is not so beautiful as others of this same time frame, and the stamps are not in the best of shapes, so they don't look much is again a wmk series, with perf 10x10.5 or 10.5x10.. the series represent some Aztec Mythological creatures, temples and Idols..
1934/1935 "AIR MAIL" (9) [Recess] Sc(C65.C66.C69,C70,C71)

series from 1939, with a modern design (unknown designer) .. it is sad that the postmark contributed to the bad overall condition of the stamp... 
1939 "AIR MAIL" (3) [Photo] Sc(100,102)

These are stamps from a Gigantic series about the Exportation's of Mexico... the series has 90 stamps divided by 6 sub series with stamps issued from 1975 to 1992... It has a very modern design developed in the end of the 60's and during the 70's ;  the designer of this great series is Rafael Davidson... some of the stamps share the same designs ...there are many ways to distinguish the stamps, but we can say that classifying this series is a hard task... Wmk's, perforations , the presence of distinctive lines in some stamps ( the existence of these lines creates two distinct types of stamps) , sometimes different papers are used, etc... it is not my favorite kind of design , but  It is without doubts , a series that I would like to have complete...
1975/1992 "Mexico Exporta" (90) [Des (Rafael Davidson)(Photo) 



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