Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sudan [3rd Post]

New Entries

For today's post I have reserved some stamps from Sudan...some Air Mail's from the 30's and 50's and a Commemorative series from the 60's...

Curiously , the first thing that called my attention when I first saw these stamps in detail , was the resemblance with the Chinese "Junk" series  with those tiny filaments gently drooping from the top label this case and after a closer view , I rapidly saw that these line are just engraving lines, not designed with that particular purpose like in the "Junk" series...
This is an Air Mail series with 12 stamps, and just one design... we can see that there are values in "m" and "p" fact there are 4 values of "m" and 8 of "P" (Piastras)...the illustration show us in a first plan the statue of General Charles George Gordon ,and the desert and some palm trees in the background. it is a beautiful design with a nice engraving is surely a series I want to have completed,some day in the future...
1931/1935 "Air Mail" (12) [Recess] Sc(C7,C9,C13)

Following this first 1931 series, in 1935 and 1938  two groups of Surcharged stamps were issued...the only stamp I have is from the 1938 series...I just show this stamp, to the viewer could have a better insight of the illustration and specially of all the desert landscape behind the Gordon's statue...very nice , indeed.!!
1938 "Surcharge on the 1931/1935 'Air Mail' series" (4) [Recess] Sc(C31)

I personally recommend you that this time, please click the pictures for better appreciate the illustrations and the engraving...the 2p and the 4.50p are simply beautiful..!! the illustrations and the frames are different for each value and the 2p,4p,4.50p and the 20p are drawings made with base on photographs...they were designed by someone from the printing company, and I even don't know what was it ....the 3p was designed by an Artist called G.R. Wilson ad the 2..50p (not presented here) and the 6p were created by Col. W.L. Atkinson... I have an incomplete post about him in the Artinstamps blog , but I think that with time I will discover more of his Biographical data... he is also the designer of  9 beautiful illustrations of the 1951 pictorial series already presented in the blog...I will dedicate part of today's afternoon,searching for data about his life...sometimes it is a very rewarding activity, not financially speaking,of course,but in the end it usually is time well spent....
1950 "AIR MAIL / Various Designs" (8) [Des (G.R.Wilson 3p)(Col. W.L. Atckinson 2.5p,6p)][Recess] Sc(C35,C37,C39,C40,C41,C42)

To end this small post I have a series about the efforts of UNESCO to protect some of the very old Nubian Monuments....similar series were issued by many countries, always with different designs of course...Nubia was once located in today's Northern Sudan and South Egypt...

1964 "UNESCO World Campaign to Save Nubian Monuments" (3) [Litho] Sc(164,...,166)

I think next time I will have some George VI Hong Kong definitive stamps...


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