Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Norway [4th Post ]

New Entries

Today's post will show us a nice group of [Recess] printed stamps from Norway... the series shown are not all completed ,but the number of stamps I have already justifies it's inclusion in this post...there will be a small amount of "Talk" and many images,presented in individual format for a better appreciation by You ,the viewer...

Apart from some rust spots, these are very nice stamps from a 1943 commemoration of the Norwegian Army...The engraving work is of De La Rue and it is very nice.. the only thing I have to say is about the 40ore stamp... it is definitely one of the PDSMID stamps ("Please don't see me in detail stamp") ... what look's like a beautiful stamp with some soldiers skiing in the snow , easily turns into a nightmare ,with very poor designed faces if we click to see the detailed is a pity...! the 5ore stamp is missing ...
1943 "Norway's Army" (8) [Des (J. Bull)][Recess (De La Rue)] Sc(260,...,266)

Changing completely our time frame,we arrive into this beautiful,beautiful series..!! Scott divides it into several issues,but SG grouped all the 16 stamps in a 1977/1983 series...six more stamps to add to my "Have to buy them" section...the stamps are designed and engraved by 3 Artists and as you can see they are Marvelous!! a joy to the eyes..!
1977/1983 "Norway Scenery" (16) [Des (H. Welde 1k,1.30k)(K. Lokke-Sorensen 1.80k,3.50k)(S.Morken others)][Engr (H. Welde 1k,1.30k)(K.Lokke-Sorensen 1.80k,3.50k)(S. Morken others)][Recess] Sc(715,690,691,717,?,692,719,721,723,724)

These are stamps from a mall little series of 7 stamps...As You know I'm not a topic collector, but I think this is a very good series, with high standard is a series about Nordic Fauna and the missing stamps are also in my "Need to Get them" section...Unfortunately , I don't have the technical data for them,so I'll skip it..
1986/1990 "Nordic Fauna" (7) [Recess] Sc(877,879,880,881)

To end this very small post, I have 4 more stamps

1) 1989 "Manors" (2) [Des (F. Matheson)][Engr (A. Yttri)][Recess] Sc(950)
2)  1978 "75th Birthday of King Olav V" (2) [Des/Engr (K. Lokke-Sorensen)][Recess] Sc(731)
3) 1984 "300 Birth Anniversary of Ludvig Holberg (Writer)" [Des/Engr (K. Lokke-Sorensen)][Recess] Sc(847)
4) 1983 "150th Birth Anniversary of Jonas Lie (Writer)" (1) [Des/Engr (K. Lokke-Sorensen)][Recess] Sc(828)

I hope You have liked some of  these good engravings... next time , some stamps from Madagascar will enter the collection..


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