Sunday, March 23, 2014

Some Austrian stamps and a Group of Lenin's

New Entries 

This is a group of definitive stamps from 1920/1921"Republican Arms" with 9 stamps..There seems to be a problem here , because I have two pairs of the stamp of 2k with different tones of blue...I think that the difference is to great to be just a printing hazard, but these stamps don't intervene in any other series , so I have classified the stamp with the same catalog number ;I will keep the light blue pair as a different tonality... (In this cases , catalogs from the country in question are indispensable..! but I don't have an Austrian catalog , so...)
When I was classifying these stamps I noticed that there are also differences in the quality of the paper.. the 5k and 10k are made of a paper of greater quality..
Perf: 12.5

The Austro-Hungarian Empire have ceased to exist officially in 31/10/1918, near the end of 1st World War.
Austria became a Republic and so these are overprinted stamps of the period 1916/1918 issued at the end of 1918 and 1919.
1st stamp represent the Imperial Crown and 2nd stamp Emperor Karl I.
Perf: 12.5

This is a stamp from the definitive set "60th Anniv of Emperor's Accession" ; this set was issued between 1908 and 1913 and have 18 stamps.
Emperor Francis Joseph I
Perf: 12.5
SG (203)

Completed set from 1970 "Birth Centenary of Lenin"
Perf :11.5

Completed set from 1965 "6th Organization of Socialist Countries' Postal Ministers Conference, Peking"
Perf : 11.5

Completed set from 1980 "110th Birth Anniv of Lenin "
Perf : 11.5
SG( 2524)

1st stamp: from the set of 2 1962 "40th Anniv of U.S.S.R"
Perf : 11.5

2nd Stamp: from the set of 6 1970 "Birth Anniversary's"
Perf : 11x11.5

from the set of 2 1958 "World Cup Football Championship, Sweden."
Perf : 12


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