Friday, April 11, 2014

A Leader in Chains

New Entries

Today , I have some more recent entries to the collection; from the 70's , 80's and 90's.

stamp from a set 1 + MS 1975 "20th Anniv of "Chongryon" Association of Koreans in Japan." ; I am not a great fan of these MS that proliferate in Philately beginning in the 70's.. it always keep's  me away from ending series and that is my "main" goal in this stamp hobby
Perf: 11.5
SG(1397) Sc(1336)

incomplete set 1 + MS 1975 " Kim Il Sung's 63rd Birthday."
Perf: 12
SG(1379) Sc(1317)

incomplete set 1+MS 1975 "Pak Yong Sun, Winner of 33rd World Table Tennis Championships, Calcutta."
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(1350) Sc(1288)

Complete set 1975 " Flowers of the Azalea Family" ; it is a beautiful set..
Perf: 10.5
SG(1434,..,1439) Sc(1373,..,1378)

Complete set 1975 "Campaign against US Imperialism"
Perf: 12.5
SG(1403) Sc(1342)

I must remember that stamps are pieces of history , so they must be viewed in the social and historic context of the time....
Just stamps!!....

stamps from a set 5 1975 "Paintings of Ri Dynasty"..
Perf: 11
SG(1381,1382) Sc(1320,1321)

from a set 4+MS 1987 "Ghanaian Fertility Dolls"
Perf: 14.5 x 14
SG(1195) Sc(1016)

set 4+MS 1986 ""Inter-Tourism '86" Conference" ;
Perf: 14
SG(1186) Sc(1007)

this is a set representing a campaign against  the Apartheid regime that existed in South Africa.. they are stamps prior to the Nelson Mandela release from Prison in 1990, and so these stamps are now, after Mandela death , more important... I think some collectors would like to have this Mandela stamp in their collection..   
from a set 4+MS 1987 "Solidarity with the People of Southern Africa" ; the 1st stamp is damaged, but it's the only one I've got!!..
Perf: 14.5 x 14
SG(1212,1215) Sc(1033,1036)

from a set 5 1988 "Christmas Symbolism"
Perf: 14
SG(1277) Sc(1070)

In my opinion, the Year of 1994 in Tanzania Philately is absolutely remarkable... there are so many fantastic series  about Fauna, Flora, History, Culture... this particular set appeared in front of me for 3 times and every one of those times a stamp was missing.. so I never have classified the set... As you can see a stamp is still missing ( the 400s stamp..)... but , it is a common set , so one of these days the stamp will " appear"....
stamps from the set 7 1994 "Birds of Prey" 
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(1847,..,1852+MS1854) Sc(1279,..,1284+1286)

from the set 4 1990 " Marine Transport."
Perf: 12.5 x 12
SG(799,800) Sc(618,619)

here is a stamp from Trinidad and Tobago, from the set 16 1969 "Motifs of Trinidad and Tobago" (it is a invented name ... this set has animals, birds, landscapes, etc)
Perf: 14
SG(341a) Sc(146)

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