Monday, May 12, 2014

A Walk in the Sahara Desert

New Entries

some more stamps from Algeria.. first from the France period of Domination and in the end , some stamps from the 60's and 70's..(few..)

These are stamps of a very large series from 1936/1941.. A few posts ago, I think in April, I already present some more stamps of this series.. it is a series with 31 stamps, representing Landscapes , Monuments, and Views of Algeria..The $65 stamp is the only one of these that is not issued in 1936 [1937]..
Last time , I named this series "Sites et Paysages (1936/1941)" and I think it is a good name...
the perforation is 13 ..

from a set 4 1937 "Centenary of Capture of Constantine"
Perf: 13

The stamp show us an american Cargo ship unloading..
from the set 5 1939 "New York World's Fair"
Perf: 13

I leave here a link to a page from the Queens Museum of Art , where we can see a movie made in 1939 about the New York World Fair.. I think it deserves a look..(it has no sound...)

complete set from 1955 " Bimillenary of Tipasa."
Perf: 13

This is the first stamp I present from the period after the Independence of Algeria..
the designs are similar to a earlier series from 1959/1961.. The label Republique Francaise " was replaced by " Republique Algerienne"
from a set 5 1962 "Views of Algerie" ; the stamp represents the Tlemcen Mosque.
Perf: 13

from a set 3  "Mosques (1970/1971) ; this particular stamp is from 1971 and represents the Ketchaoua Mosque in Algiers.
Perf: 14

The "Flag, Rifle and Olive Branch" was the first set of the Year ,1963, after the Independence.
It is a set of 8 issued in 07/01/1963..
Perf: 12.5

[Left] stamp from a set 3 1982 "Views from Algeria before 1830" ; it is a very beautiful stamp ..
Perf: 13
[Right] stamp from 1965 , from the set 12 " Ploughing, Mechanics, Automation, Reconstruction (1964/1965)" ; the set has 4 different designs repeated 3 times each , with different values , of course..
Perf: 14 x 13.5

No time for more, SeeYou

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