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 New Entries

Today I have a small selection of beautiful Czechoslovakia stamps... the attention to the detail and the quality of the Artists is a well known attribute of the Czech School of Designers and Engravers... It is the first time I look to Czechoslovakia stamps with this "new" approach (my interest for Designers and Engravers is recent... as you know..)  These stamps offers us great complexity , with many artists working in just one series... it required several  hours of "digging" just to give you the correct data about the first series I present here today...

These are stamps from the series (13) 1954 "Professions"
Perf : 12.5 x 12 or 11.5 x 11
SG(815,816,817,819,...,827) Sc(645.646.647,649,...,657)
[Des] Jan Charles Vondrous (1884/1970) [15h]
          Anna Podzemná-Suchardová (b 1909) [20h,40h]
          Bohumil Matejicek (b 1925) [50h]
          V. Nemecek [75h]
          Zdenek Adámek (1927) [80h, 1.20K]
          Alexandr Vladimír Hrska ( 1890/1954) [1K]
          Vladimir Silovsky (1891/1974) [1.60K]
          Mario Stretti (1910/1960) [2K,3K]
          Cyril Bouda (1901/1984) [2.40K]
[Engr] J.A. Svengsbir (1921/1983) [15h,40h,50h]
           Jan Mracek (1909/1987) [20h,75h,1.20K]
           Bedrich Housa (1926) [80h,1.60K]
           Bodhan Roule (1921/1960) [1K,2.40K,3K]
           Jindra Schmidt (1897/1984) [2K]


Just one stamp is missing (45h) in the series above .. As you see, 9 Designers and 5 Engravers have worked in the series... this richness of human resources, and the different combinations of Artists are aspects that contributed to the Uniqueness of Czechoslovakia stamps...
Currently , there are many InterNet sites ,Study's , International Philatelic Club's and articles dedicated to Czechoslovakia Philately.. it only show us the great vitality and the constant renewal of the number of Fans... there is a large quantity of stamps available at a low or very low price , what make's it even more appealing..

These are stamps from the (5) 1956 "Five Year Plan".. Now we can see very detailed designs of complex Urban and Industrial Architectural Landscapes.. the focus here goes to the successive plans ,with great emphasis in the energy and structural development , that take place in the Countries of the former Soviet Union during the 50's and 60's...
Perf: 11.5 x 11
SG(907,909,911) Sc(731,733,735)
[Des] Frantisek Hudecek (1909/1990) [5h,25h,60h]
[Engr] Bodhan Roule (1921/1960) [5h], Jan Mracek (1909/1987) [25h], Bedrich Housa (1926) [60h]


[Left] sport stamp from a series (3) 1956 "Sport Events 1956" ; these particular stamp show us the 'International Peace Marathon , Kosice 1956'.
Perf: 11.5
SG(927) Sc(764)
[Des] Anna Podzemná-Suchardová (b 1909)
[Engr] [Photo] J.A. Svengsbir (1921/1983)

[Right] Another sport stamp from the series (5) 1958 "Sport Events 1958" ; it show us the 'World Canoeing Championships Prague 1958'.
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(1016) Sc(840)
[Des]  Jaroslav Kovar (1910/1966)
[Engr] Jan Mracek (1909/1987)

stamp from a series (2) 1957 "40th Anniv of Russian Revolution"

Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(1005) Sc(828)
[Des]  Vaclav Fiala (1896/1980)
[Engr] Jindra Schmidt (1897/1984)

[Left] stamp from a (3) series 1958 "Political and Cultural Events" ; represents the '1st World Trade Union Conference of Working Youth, Prague 1958'..
Perf: 11.5 x 12
SG(1038) Sc(838)
[Des] Jan Cerny (1919)
[Engr] Bedrich Housa (1926) [60h]

[Right] from a series (4) 1956 "National Products"
Perf: 11.5
SG(944) Sc(766)
[Des] [Engr] Mario Stretti (1910/1960)

series (4) 1958 "National Stamp Exn, Brno" ; the stamp represents the St. Thomas Church..
Perf: 11.5
SG(1056) Sc(880)
[Des] Eduard Milén (1891/1976)
[Engr] Jindra Schmidt (1897/1984)

stamps dedicated to another of the Development Plans ; from a series (5) 1960 " 3rd Five Year Plan (1st issue)"
Perf: 11.5
SG(1169,1171) Sc(993,995)
[Des] Frantisek Hudecek (1909/1990)
[Engr] Jan Mracek (1909/1987)

series (5) 1958 "Czech Spas (2nd series)"
Perf: 11.5
SG(1044,1046,1047) Sc(863,865,866)
[Des] Antonín Homolka (1909/1964) [40h,80h]
          Jozef Chovan (1911) [1.20K]
[Engr] Bodhan Roule (1921/1960) [40h] , Bedrich Housa (1926) [80h], Jan Mracek (1909/1987) [1.20K]


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